An introduction to my new life.

Oh hi, it’s been a minute. When I started this website, it was for a school project, and for the last almost year I’ve been a bit neglectful of it. But that is about to change in a pretty big way.

You see, I’ve had a very.. interesting couple of years, which I will explain more in depth in this blog, and talk about why I’m making a big change in my life.

Where do I begin?

Almost exactly two years ago, I started a new job. At first, I thought I would really enjoy it, and in some ways I did, but I was very unhappy, and ultimately it probably came down to the fact that I was nowhere near where I wanted to be or thought I would be at that point in my life. And as time went on, I became more and more unhappy.

As a result of my unhappiness, I also gained a substantial amount of weight.. Enough that I have been so embarrassed by how I look that I have avoided seeing my friends, going to events I know I would enjoy, and taking pictures. Since I’ve been avoiding most of my friends who still remember my thinner self, I’ve also become very unhappy in my social life.

So, a few weeks ago I did something that I probably should have done a long time ago – I took a step down at my job so that I can focus on things that I want to do, things that interest me more, and things that make me happy. For example, this blog. I’ve always loved writing, but it was something that took a backseat the past couple of years, because when you reach a certain point of unhappiness, you are so emotionally drained that you just don’t have any energy to do things, even if they make you happy.

So what do I want to do with my life now? Well, there are many things! I’m still in grad school, but I ultimately want to work with animal rescuers and within the social media/planning realm of the music industry. I love to write, and currently have ideas/plans for writing five books. I am also open to any businesses that are really into making a difference in the world in some or many ways.

For right now, I plan on taking everyone who reads this on my journey to happiness, which will include getting myself back to a healthy place, where I love my body again. Yes, I will be blogging daily to share any workouts I’ve completed and what food I’ve eaten, but I will also be using this blog to talk about all of the new things I plan on trying, (like hopefully moving to a new city).

I also have a lot of great ideas, just waiting to burst out now that my creativity is a little more free and I’m not feeling so drained. I’m also going to be very open and honest on this blog – I’m going to share struggles, anxieties and fears, successes and failures.

Think of today as a sort of introduction day/rough draft of sorts. Tomorrow is day one of sharing my daily life with you all (even if it ends up just being 2-3 of you), and I can’t wait! 🙂


Twenty Four

Today I want to talk about something that is considered taboo and controversial in the career and professional world – wanting more.

I have always had big dreams and goals for my career, and sometimes my mind tends to branch out and want to do ten things at once. I am currently in grad school and have already decided on two more degrees that I want, and recently I have been considering going back and getting a second bachelor’s degree so that I have the option of someday going into veterinary school! (This one is my current top pick:

It may seem like I can’t make up my mind, but really I am just passionate about so many things, that I want to get a taste of them all. I am currently studying media, because most of the careers I am interested in have an option for online media consultants, or will need one in the future (because the internet is only getting bigger).

But that doesn’t change the fact that my love for animals and their welfare is very strong, and I would love to be able to provide care for animals, particularly rescues in need.


Chihuahua licking hand

In two days, I will be turning 24 years old, and part of me feels like I should be well developed in my career already, but a much bigger part of me wants to keep taking classes, and learning everything that I can, so that I can truly be everything that I want.

In one of the classes I have been taking this semester, I have learned more about myself than I did in all four years of my undergraduate studies. I have taken courses from this professor before, and she is truly the best teacher I have ever had, but this particular class has really motivated me to work harder towards my career goals, and continue learning everything that I have a desire to learn. Throughout the class, I have ended up not only reading and watching the required materials, but than researching the topics from them more, because I found them so interesting.

I had to read so many awful, boring books during my undergrad studies, that I grew to loathe reading, but this semester, I got to read a book that I not only enjoyed, but that I actually learned from. I was able to learn how to build a platform online, which is helpful for everyone, but especially me since that is something that I hope to do a lot of in my career.

Here is the author’s website:

For now, I plan on continuing my education on the business side of things, but I have already looked into a few science classes and veterinary programs for my other goals.

I hope that everyone reading this is inspired to go after what they want, and remember that settling for anything less is never going to make you truly happy – whether you want to be someone with ten potential careers, or if you’re happy with just the one, don’t let anyone else’s ideals impact what you want out of life!


Building a Platform

I recently read a book, by Michael Hyatt, “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.” This book tells readers how to best set themselves apart and gain the right kind of attention online, and as the author has been successful in this, and has many online followers himself, I felt confident that his advice would be good, especially since my ultimate career goals include building platforms, and operating social media accounts for a business, charity, or musician.

Here is Hyatt’s Twitter, which is a verified account with 273 thousand followers:

In his book, Hyatt speaks about how important it is to post about things that add value. Now, in the music industry, one of the best things that artists can do is connect to their fans. I’m an avid Twitter user, and I often have random bands and band members follow me, and others, trying to get more people familiar with their music. But I wondered if those bands were more successful if they spoke about real things on their Twitters, and replied to their fans, rather than just constantly promoting themselves or a new song or album.

This is the Twitter account of an artist I recently started listening to, Karizma:

On his Twitter, he has a pinned tweet about his music and tour, but the majority of his tweets are just fun things about his everyday life, and he even makes fun of himself in a few of them, which gives anyone on his page the sense that he is a real person. His first full length album isn’t even out yet, and he has almost 20 thousand followers.

The fact that he already has a strong following, without even having an album yet, tells me that his social media plan has been successful. When his album does come out, he has 20 thousand people who he can share it with, and who will hopefully be sharing it with others. The fact that he is so genuine and likable makes it easier for people to want to help him, and share his art with their own friends (I have even retweeted one of his posts about his album myself)!

Because music is my favorite thing, and I do ultimately want to work in that industry, I hope to be able to utilize this information in my career, by ensuring that artists are as open and real as possible with their fans, and hold back on over-promoting. While it is important to get your work out there, it is more important to build rapport with people who can promote you to far more people through word of mouth!

Now, when it comes to promoting and building a platform for an animal related charity (another goal of mine), it will still be about a connection, but with the animals rather than the people. Because really, who could say no to a face like this?

Cute Chihuahua
Layla Wolfe (A very spoiled chihuahua)

I’ll leave with this: To anyone reading my blog, just remember that business, and building a platform is best done when you are honest about who you are, talk about real things, and genuinely connect with and care about your audience. Not only will this gain attention and make you more likable, but you don’t have to pretend to be something you aren’t!