Building a Platform

I recently read a book, by Michael Hyatt, “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.” This book tells readers how to best set themselves apart and gain the right kind of attention online, and as the author has been successful in this, and has many online followers himself, I felt confident that his advice would be good, especially since my ultimate career goals include building platforms, and operating social media accounts for a business, charity, or musician.

Here is Hyatt’s Twitter, which is a verified account with 273 thousand followers:

In his book, Hyatt speaks about how important it is to post about things that add value. Now, in the music industry, one of the best things that artists can do is connect to their fans. I’m an avid Twitter user, and I often have random bands and band members follow me, and others, trying to get more people familiar with their music. But I wondered if those bands were more successful if they spoke about real things on their Twitters, and replied to their fans, rather than just constantly promoting themselves or a new song or album.

This is the Twitter account of an artist I recently started listening to, Karizma:

On his Twitter, he has a pinned tweet about his music and tour, but the majority of his tweets are just fun things about his everyday life, and he even makes fun of himself in a few of them, which gives anyone on his page the sense that he is a real person. His first full length album isn’t even out yet, and he has almost 20 thousand followers.

The fact that he already has a strong following, without even having an album yet, tells me that his social media plan has been successful. When his album does come out, he has 20 thousand people who he can share it with, and who will hopefully be sharing it with others. The fact that he is so genuine and likable makes it easier for people to want to help him, and share his art with their own friends (I have even retweeted one of his posts about his album myself)!

Because music is my favorite thing, and I do ultimately want to work in that industry, I hope to be able to utilize this information in my career, by ensuring that artists are as open and real as possible with their fans, and hold back on over-promoting. While it is important to get your work out there, it is more important to build rapport with people who can promote you to far more people through word of mouth!

Now, when it comes to promoting and building a platform for an animal related charity (another goal of mine), it will still be about a connection, but with the animals rather than the people. Because really, who could say no to a face like this?

Cute Chihuahua
Layla Wolfe (A very spoiled chihuahua)

I’ll leave with this: To anyone reading my blog, just remember that business, and building a platform is best done when you are honest about who you are, talk about real things, and genuinely connect with and care about your audience. Not only will this gain attention and make you more likable, but you don’t have to pretend to be something you aren’t!