Now might be a good time to let you know what my personal health/weight loss goals are.

I’ve briefly mentioned my career goals, vague as they may seem (because there are many things I want to do). However, I haven’t specified what my health goals are- just that I’m trying to lose weight and be a healthier person.

First of all, I don’t have a specific number of pounds I want to lose. I know how much weight I need to lose to be considered a healthy weight, and I know how much I used to weigh when I was at my absolute happiest and proudest of my body. But, bodies change, and it’s been 2.5-3 years since I was that happiest weight, so I’m not sure if trying to achieve a specific number would be the healthiest for me.

Instead, my goal is to get to a place where I am even happier, and even more confident in my body than I was a few years ago. You may have noticed by now that I keep saying “happiest with my body,” instead of “thinnest.” That’s because when I was happiest with my body was not the same time as when I was my thinnest.

I really just want to get to a place where I love my body again, and I honestly don’t know what that weight will be. Yes, I want to be considered healthy, so I do have a minimum goal that will place me in that category. Yes, I will likely try to lose more weight beyond just breaking into that healthy category. But I also want to be toned – not buff, just strong.

As a side note, today I have some errands to run. I’m currently getting ready to drive an extra 20 minutes just to go grocery shopping at a store that I know I won’t run into anyone who hasn’t seen me since I gained weight. I’m making changes in my life that will hopefully help me get to a healthier, more confident place, but right now I’m still in that embarrassed state of mind. It’s hard, but I’m trying.

Yesterday was a weird day for me, food wise. I was running late and skipped breakfast, which I know is bad, but it happens. Here’s what I ate the rest of the day:

Lunch: Chicken Sandwich
Dinner: Tuna Salad and fried pickles (I know, I’m working on cutting out the fried things).
Snacks: Roasted Pecans, two fiber one bars


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